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 Jagruti Upadhyay, DDS, MDS

Advanced Smile Design


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Reshaping Worn Teeth and Uneven Gums

Digital X-Rays

Imagine having dental x-rays taken using up to 90% less radiation! Now we can. We have invested in this technology because it safely provides diagnostic x-rays without exposing you to unnecessary larger amounts of radiation. Only few Dental Offices offer this technology to their patients.

As soon as the x-ray is taken, it provides instant digital, computerized x-ray that appears on the computer monitor. You are asked to participate in your diagnosis by looking at the x-rays with Dr. Upadhyay. Step up to the computer monitor, and see what she sees.

Dr. Upadhyay uses computerized technology tools to colorize, zoom-in, reverse the colors, and blow up the x-ray image to show you areas of concern. If seeing is believing, then digital x-rays will provide you with confidence in your diagnosis.…and because your x-rays were taken with up to 90% less radiation, you won’t glow in the dark!


Digital Intra-oral Camera Photography

As part of your examination, we take intra-oral pictures of your teeth. This helps us to see decay, broken fillings, and cracked teeth. You see what Dr. Upadhyay sees as she takes a video tour of your mouth.

All the pictures and x-rays are displayed in your chart. These images provide permanent documentation of your mouth, allowing us to refer to older images, and compare one exam to another. We can also attach these images to your insurance claim and submit the claim electronically.











Closing Gaps

Many think they cannot change what mother-nature has provided. Not true! Closing gaps is one of the most dramatic changes we can perform for patients.


There are times when traditional braces is needed to help correct major tooth position problems, by physically moving teeth together. But, in many minor cases, we can avoid unsightly braces by using Invisalign® or porcelain veneers to correct this type of minor cosmetic problems.


 We close the spaces between teeth, and reshape other adjacent teeth, to create a functional and esthetic result—a beautiful SMILE!