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 Jagruti Upadhyay, DDS, MDS

Advanced Smile Design


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Tooth Colored White Fillings

Tooth colored white fillings are the material of choice to place in small cavities, or to replace existing mercury (silver) fillings. The material we use is the very best and newest material on the market today. The advantages of using this type of filling are many, but most importantly, we can save healthy tooth structure, by actually strengthening the tooth, rather than weakening it, as happens with traditional mercury-silver fillings.

This restoration is placed at the chair-side (as opposed to having to send it to a lab), and is finished in one appointment. It takes much longer to do this filling, when compared to the standard mercury-silver filling, because the technique used to perform this procedure correctly is very exact and time consuming. However, research has proven that this material is vastly superior to the mercury-silver filling, due to the bonded adhesive nature of the filling, rather than the traditional “leak and corrode” process of the mercury-silver filling.

Traditional Mercury-Silver fillings expand with time, and as the mercury leaches out of the filling, it causes the filling to swell out of the tooth, causing cracks in the tooth. While we cannot guarantee that your tooth will never break, the tooth colored bonded restoration will not expand with time, and should help prevent premature fracture. We think you will be pleased with this new and advanced restorative material, and will have other fillings replaced with it, when the need arises.

Because of the adhesive nature of this material, and it’s ability to “bond” to the tooth, we feel that this restoration represents the finest option available. Another major advantage is that the restoration is tooth colored, and becomes invisible as it blends into your surrounding natural teeth.

Dr. Upadhyay has been experienced and trained to provide this excellent restoration. We continue to strive to provide state-of-the-art dental care to meet expectations and need of our patients. This is what has always set us apart from others. Some would call this the cutting edge; we think it’s progress, and it’s what we have chosen to place in our own mouths.